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[Event] Ngabuburit


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Ngabuburit Event (22 Mar - 23 April)
- Double EXP, Drop & Eula Points (8PM - 4AM Server Time)
- Monster Crystal Takjil will be spawn at Main Town and drop Idul Fitri Card & Ketupat (8PM - 4AM, spawn 10 every 1hours)
Idul Fitri Card & Ketupat can be trade at Blessing Gachapon (Main Town 146,216)
*Blessing Gachapon
Idul Fitri Card (Everytime you put Idul Fitri Card in the Blessing Gachapon you will get 1 Ketupat)
- 1x Songkok
- 1x Selendang
- 1x Costume Black Devil Mask
- 1x Costume Pecopeco Hairband
- 5x Small Mana Potion
- 5x Medium Life Potion
- 5x ASPD Enchanced Potion
- 5x Almighty
- 1x Poison Bottle Box (30)
- 1x Yggdrasil seed Box (30)

- 1x Costume Noble Hat
- 3x Bloody Branch (20%)
- 5x Speed Potion
- 5x Str Biscuit Stick
- 5x Agi Biscuit Stick
- 5x Vit Biscuit Stick
- 5x Int Biscuit Stick
- 5x Dex Biscuit Stick
- 5x Luk Biscuit Stick
- 5x Savage BBQ
- 5x Warg Blood Cocktail
- 5x Siroma Ice Tea
- 5x Petite Tail Noodle
- 5x Minor Brisket
- 5x Dropsera Herb Stew

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