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[Oracle Dungeon]


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[Oracle Dungeon]


This is one of custom instance in Eula. You can get MVP Cards Album and Shadow Coupon from here.
The MVP Cards  from MVP Card Album is bound to account

Base Level : 240 ( Party Requirement : Max 6 Players )

Cooldown : No Cooldown

Rewards : 1000x Nolan Card & Oracle Box (Only available 1 times / week)

You need to kill all the monster with high status and HP. There will be 20 rounds and 60 kinds of monsters will appear. For the last boss you must finish the boss in 5 minutes 30 seconds, when all 60 monsters have been summoned and you haven't killed a boss monster yet, you should go to the center, because the playing field will become smaller and smaller as time goes by. Stepping on the fire will instantly kill you an even ressurection cannot save you when this happens

[Environment Effect]
- Meteor [Meteorite is coming, clear the way]
- Freeze [It's frozen, see how many snowman are there]
- Burn [Die in the fire? or die in the fire]
- Tornado [Move! Avoid this tornado!]

[Monster List]
- Succubus [Heal]
- Dullahan [Blind & Strip Armor]
- Hylozoist [Decrease Agi]
- Gibbet [Stun]
- Lude [Heal, Lex Aeterna & Dispell]
- Wander Man [Intimidate & Increase Agi]
- Parasite [Petrify & Poison]
- Geographer [Heal & Assumptio]
- Siren [Heal & Sleep]
- Hera [Blood Drain]
- Lilith [Mental Breaker]
- Salamander [Reflect]
- Kasa [Fireball]
- Diabolic [Stun & Strip Shadow]
- Minorous [Stun]
- Orc Skeleton [Strip Weapon]
- Death Knight [Harden]

[MVP 1]
- Doppelganger
- Golden Thief Bug
- Eddga
- Moonlight
- Turtle General
- Baphomet
- Dark Lord
- Lord Of Death

[MVP 2]
- Haunted End
- Haunted End (Autumn)
- Haunted End (Spring)
- Haunted End (Summer)
- Haunted End (Winter)

[MVP 3]
- Princess Meer
- Half Blood Princess Meer
- Witch Zilant
- Elder Dragon Zilant

Oracle Box can be opened by double clicking it to obtain one of the following items:

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