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Patch 10/02/2023


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Valentine Event 10/02/2023 - 24/02/2023

- Collect Cacao Stolen Bean from Sweets Drops to exchange with Sweets Festival Coin
* Sweets Drops that are on majority of maps across the world (Only Sweets Drops at Payon Forest have chance drop Valentine Egg)
- 20% refine rate up
- Add NPC Valentine at Main Town (146, 215)
- Add Valentine Egg (Cash Shop) 
- All items from Valentine Egg will not appear in Blind Box
- Double drop every weekend (10/02/2023-24/02/2023)

- Add Chaos Baphomet Jr Egg & Baphomet Egg
- Add Greatest Hero NPC at Biolab Nightmare (lhz_dun_n 139, 138) (Heroic Token Accessories)

Heroic Token (Abyss Chaser) 
Heroic Token (Arch Mage)
Heroic Token (Biolo)
Heroic Token (Cardinal)
Heroic Token (Dragon Knight)
Heroic Token (Elemental Master)
Heroic Token (Hyper Novice)
Heroic Token (Imperial Guard)
* Heroic Token (Inquisitor)
* Heroic Token (Meister)
* Heroic Token (Night Watch)
* Heroic Token (Shadow Cross)
* Heroic Token (Shinkiro & Shiranui)
* Heroic Token (Sky Emperor)
* Heroic Token (Soul Ascetic)
* Heroic Token (Spirit Handler)
* Heroic Token (Troubadour / Trouvere)
* Heroic Token (Windhawk)

- Add Shaman in Main Office to trade Purification Potion
- Add <Tomb of Honor>Hot Machine (lhz_d_n2 38, 49)
- Fix Channel System
- Fix shorcut skill dissapear when use Alternative Costume
- Fix Tomb of Remorse (Tiara)
- Add HD Oridecon, Elunium & Enriched Oridecon & Elunium to Auto Event Ticket
- Add Flame Acid Bottle, Earth Acid Bottle, Gale Acid Bottle & Icicle Acid Bottle at Alchemist Merchant
- Add HD Etherdeocon & HD Etherium in Blind Box
- Fix Fall of Glast Heim party teleport
- Add Edda FOGH Guarantee King Schmidt's Insignias Enchant (glast_01 221, 268)

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