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[Event] Christmas Event


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21/12/2022 - 04/01/2023

First Part

1. Speak to Union Commander Cliff in Lutie (xmas 150, 134) and join his union. He will request help in finding 5 single cats in Lutie.

The single cats can be found in the following locations. Tell them about the Single Union Army and what it is about.

  • Lonely Rinka is located south of the giant Christmas tree (xmas 131, 97).
  • Lonely Jee is located west of the giant Christmas tree (xmas 121, 127).
  • Lonely Willer is located northwest of the giant Christmas Tree (xmas 113, 161).
  • Lonely Marty is located north of the giant Christmas tree (xmas 150, 169).
  • Lonely Kwami is located southeast of the giant Christmas tree (xmas 172, 126).

2. Once all 5 cats have joined the union return to Union Commander Cliff and the player will receive a Single Union Badge.

Repeatable Part

1. Cliff will ask that the player breaks up couples around Lutie. The player is required to get 5 points total. Breaking couples up gives the player 2 points. If the couples end up arguing, 1 point. If the couples end up loving each other more, -2 points.

The couples can be found in the following locations. After the couples are talked to by someone they will disappear for a short time.

  • Slot Machine & Drop machine are located at west of the Christmas tree (xmas 110, 149).
  • Prenetan & Umpoucoriotan are located southwest of the Christmas tree (xmas 130, 115).
  • Florist & Poor Alchemist are located south of the Christmas tree (xmas 157, 109).
  • Dark Lord & Succubus are located north of the Christmas tree (xmas 140, 174).
  • Frightened Man & Angry Woman are located east of the Christmas tree (xmas 182, 150).
  • Single Union Kwami & Single Union Rinka are located inside the house northeast of the Christmas tree (xmas 121, 160) - (xmas_in 33,99).

2. Return to Union Commander Cliff with 5 points and receive 5 Single Cookies.

3. Cliff will then ask 10 Stolen Candies, 10 Stolen Cookies and 10 Bag of Selling Goods from Gift Stealing Raccoons and Socks Stealing Raccoons that are on majority of maps across the world

4. Return to Union Commander Cliff with the items and the player will receive a Single Union Christmas Gift.

Antonio Invasion

1. 5x Antonio will spawn randomly at Main Town every 1 hours and have a chance to drop Single Union Christmas Gift (5%).

Single Union Christmas Gift Rewards:

19976.png 1 Costume: Cat Santa Hat
603.png 1 Old Blue Box
2784.png 1 Christmas Musicbox (Accessory)
12350.png 3 Angeling Potions
22686.png 5 Single Cookies
12354.png 5 Buche De Noels
12200.png 5 Event Cakes
12490.png 5 Christmas Music Boxes


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